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Aflatoxin B1/B2/G1/G2 Immunoaffinity Column


Samples:Food, oil, nut, feed, herbs, tea, etc.

Product introduction

1.  Overview:

Aflatoxins are toxic metabolites of a class of fungi (such as Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus). They are highly carcinogenic and are found mainly in grains, peanuts, nuts, cottonseeds, animal feed, vegetable oils, as well as animal tissues and blood. Among them, Aflatoxin B1 (AFT B1) ranks first in terms of toxicity, carcinogenicity and frequency of contamination.

2.  Principle:

The basis of the measurement is the antigen-antibody reaction. Antibodies are connected to the column and the aflatoxin in the sample is extracted, filtered, and diluted, and then passed slowly through the aflatoxin immunoaffinity column. The toxins bind to the antibodies in the column and the immunoaffinity column is then washed to remove other unrelated substances that have not been bound. Aflatoxin is eluted with methanol and then injected into an analytical instrument for detection.

3. Ordering Information

Catalog No.Column capacitySpecificationDetection Samples



3mL, 25T

Food, oil, nut, feed, herbs, tea, etc.



3mL, 50T

Food, oil, nut, feed, herbs, tea, etc.

*1mL product available. Please consult your sales representative for detailed information.

1. Allow the immunoaffinity column to return to room temperature before use (22-25°C). 2. The immunoaffinity column should be stored at 2 to 8°C, do not freeze. 3. Do not use any expired immunoaffinity column. 4. The pH value of the loading solution of the column should be within the range of 6 to 8. If it deviates from this range, the pH value should be adjusted with hydrochloric acid or sodium hydroxide.
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